Automatic Swimming Pool Green Energy Efficient Timer

Automatic Swimming Pool Timer

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Energy saving photoelectric outdoor timer helps save energy by controlling the times that your pool filter pump is running. It is recommended to run your pool filter pump only at night, when your energy cost is the cheapest. This timer allows you to set your timer so when it gets dark, your pump will turn on and off for the amount of time you set it for.

  • Photoelectric activation
  • Can be set and programmed to come on at dusk and turn off two, four, six or eight hours later or stay on until dawn
  • Also features an always on and always off setting for manual use
  • Suitable for damp locations making it ideal for use with swimming pool filter pumps
  • Heavy duty construction for use indoors and outdoors
  • Ground and Polarized for added protection
  • 125 volt, 1000 watt rating